Intelligent Turntable On The Way

Intelligent turntable transforms vinyl experience for the better

It’s no secret that vinyl records have experienced a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years, so it makes sense that someone would have looked at a way to update the humble turntable.

NME reported on a new product in the pipeline – the LOVE turntable – which is described by its creators as the first intelligent turntable.

It’s featured on the Coming Soon Tech website, where you can sign up to receive notifications once it goes to market.

The idea behind the product is to make turntables more portable, and more convenient. While it still reads the vinyl with a stylus, this new device can be controlled using a smartphone, via a dedicated app that will allow you to do everything from alter the volume to skip or repeat tracks.

It’s fully bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled too, although there is the option of a good old-fashioned cable if your stereo system isn’t quite up to that yet.

The LOVE turntable itself features a record base, where your vinyl sits while it’s being played, and a sleek unit with the stylus that hovers above the record. The record itself stays still, while the stylus turns counter-clockwise over it.

In their write-up of the product, the designers state: We aimed to simplify the turntable and bring the magic of vinyl to all people. From design to functionalities we’ve created a record player that fits modern day life, while keeping the crackle and pops.

It’s powered by a lithium battery, so you don’t need to worry about wires while it’s in use, and its size and portability means you can set it up anywhere. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a new turntable to help you make the most of all the records you’ve got in your vinyl storage cases, it could be worth waiting for the LOVE to hit the market.

And it isn’t only the turntable that’s getting a tech upgrade at the moment. Website engadget reported that the record creation process itself is being brought up to date by  Viryl Technology.

The firm has developed a pressing machine system known as WarmTone that’s reportedly more reliable when creating the pucks that go on to become vinyl records, as well as making it easier to switch stampers and, crucially, allowing for large-scale production.

Given that vinyl sales overtook digital purchases of music at the beginning of December last year, it’s clear there’s a need for an updated vinyl printing process to satisfy demand.

And while the surge in vinyl purchases in December can be partly attributed to those buying Christmas presents, there’s no denying that vinyl is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry again.

When you factor in the arrival of new products on the market, such as the LOVE turntable, that can make playing records even easier – not to mention allowing you to easily skip or repeat tracks – while looking super stylish and syncing with modern tech, it’s unlikely that the vinyl resurgence is going to die any time soon.

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